What would an extra $1000, $2000 or $5,000 mean for your family each month?
There's never been a bigger need for quality virtual assistants.
These are real jobs, from real business owners, not another work-at-home scam.

Learn how Claire Crum, a homeschool mom who was seeking professional work that fit around her homeschool schedule, leveraged her administrative skills and started her own Virtual Assistant business.

Lori Mercer, founder of How She Quits, will share why the VA market is so hot right now and the simple steps to get started.

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The fastest path to legit, sustainable work-from-home income is virtual freelancing. 

And nearly everyone has a skill that's in need.
Created by Lori Mercer
Virtual Professional, Work-From-Home Mom, LORI MERCERCTO.com
Lori Mercer is a Former Software Engineer and Corporate IT Strategist turned Virtual Professional. 

Her only regret is not leaving that corporate job sooner.

 Lori makes all the magic behind the internet happen with her tech skills and high performing teams.  With strategic mindset towards business and experience with online entrepreneurs with hundreds of thousands of followers, Lori can deliver.   

Lori and her team can build your email marketing funnel and sales page faster, better and more profitably than the unresponsive freelancers you may have encountered.   Because she embodies the spirit of her mission = professional (but family friendly) work.

 Lori founded and leads a non-profit serving over 100,000 fans and members online.

 She is the creator of How She Quits, a Virtual Professional training center for mom's who want flexible work from home.

 Her first job is loving on her 4 kids and firefighter husband.